Dobby's Sock is an interactive Hogwarts online experience that you've only dreamed of; Step into the Great Hall, place the Sorting Hat on your head and before you know it you'll be in your Common Room among your peers, ready to learn about the magical world around you. Take part in the monthly battle for the House Cup by completing Hogwarts classes and other activities to earn House Points; Explore the castle's many corners for items and currency to spend in Diagon Alley.

The experience is what you make of it - you can be an upcoming Quidditch star, work in various departments for the Ministry, collect a menagerie of magical creatures, or even run a campaign to become the next Minister for Magic! There are endless possibilities on your adventure with Dobby's Sock and it all begins with you!

So you're ready to join Dobbys Sock family? Brilliant! All that's left to do is register and have the sorting hat decide your fate. Is your favourite house full? Dobby's Sock monitors the balance of students in each house in order to keep the House Cup competition fair. You can join under your second favourite and switch to it later when a position becomes available!

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